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The smartDRIVER App
from Goldstein DeBiase Manzocco

For Your Daily Commute
º  Get updated list of cheapest local gas prices
º  Avoid traffic jams & accidents with real-time info
º  Get local traffic, weather and border crossing info
  In Case of Emergency
º  One touch access to police, taxi, tow truck & more
º  GPS your way to nearest hospital or walk-in clinic
º  Accident and safety information for new drivers
  • Take LawCam photos at the scene:
    Documented evidence protects your rights.
  • Record testimony from witnesses:
    People can't change their story later on...
  • Follow easy "step-by-step" directions:
    Know exactly what to do and what not to do
    after an accident!
Available on Android phones    Available on iPhones

Safety, Savings & Peace of Mind

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We strive to make our app the most useful tool for drivers throughout the province. The app includes real-time traffic cams and instant alerts of accident situations and driving conditions that might affect your daily commute. You will find safety information for teen drivers and a GPS locator if you are ever in need of a taxi, tow, or roadside assistance. We even help you save money at the pumps with a guide to the lowest local gas prices in Windsor and across the border.

Watch This First!

There are many mistakes people can make in the frantic moments after an accident, which may ruin their case or cost them money down the road. The smartDRIVER App helps you gather the information you will need for police, insurance companies and your lawyer. Be prepared and make sure your rights and your family are protected if you are ever involved in an accident of any kind, with step-by-step instructions and "at the scene" checklist.

FREE Accident Guide

FREE Accident Guide

We provide a step-by-step guide within the app to show motorists what to do to protect their rights and remind them of their responsibilities. The guide explains what to do at the accident scene and how to capture critical evidence that you may need later. This information will help you avoid mistakes we have seen people make over the years. Share the guide with your teen drivers and refer to the "Quick Tips" section for easy reference.   [LEARN MORE]

How To Use This App

How To Use The App

The smartDRIVER App comes complete with a camera tool to take pictures of all injures and property damage. This will ensure that you preserve the accident scene. In addition to camera tools, the app has recording software for interviewing witnesses at the scene. With a click of a button, you can send photos and recordings to our office. Watch the video to learn about the app features and what it is able to do for you and your family.   [WATCH THE VIDEO]

Available on Android phones
Android Phone or Tablet
 Available on iPhones
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Be Safe. Be Smart. Use Daily.
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