Attorney Marketing Strategies

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Print and Display Ads
Make it easy for your clients to download your app while they are in your office, with acrylic counter displays. Announce your new mobile app in your print ads, with display ads on your website, and by mailing flyers out with your monthly newsletter. Since your app provides a useful purpose, your business associates and advocates can also be encouraged to help promote your new mobile app.
Video Press Releases
The news media is more than willing to give you as much exposure as you want if you will just give them what they want — a good story. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video press release is worth a thousand ads... or put another way, advertising is what you pay for... PR is what you pray for. We create compelling press releases to build up the buzz announcing your attorney app.
Video Interviews
The end goal of the video is to put your smile in front of your prospects and the media, to let them get to know you, like you, trust you... and give them a story to share with others. We will take you into the studio, with a professional acting coach and videographer who will help you with your script and everything you need to say — we will make you look and sound your very best!
Video App Reviews
Your video will help people share your story, over and over. It is the fastest way to create a viral word-of-mouth campaign, and get your buzz level as high as it can be. We will show you how to promote your video everywhere... on your website, in your Google business listing, on your Facebook fan page and more. Your video will also be seen on app review pages and on mobile phones.
Local SEO and PPC
More and more people are going to the Internet first to decide which apps are best. That's why getting a solid web presence and supporting it with a strong digital marketing and publicity campaign is more important than ever. We get enhanced listings, that include photos and app review videos, on every major search engine & local directory site.
YouTube Promotion
Increase viewers, gain exposure, create engagement, and optimize your law firm's business profile with effective YouTube video promotions. Then distribute and syndicate your interview videos and video app review to other popular video sharing sites across the Internet to introduce your mobile app and legal services to an even wider audience and gain better search rankings.
Social Media Advertising
Incorporating social media advertising into the marketing mix for your mobile app is an important part of your outreach and promotions. Buying targeted traffic on YouTube and Facebook is one of the most cost effective advertising methods of the decade. Get users to watch your app review video and pass it along virally to their friends.
Conferences and Seminars
More than ever before, positive public awareness at conferences, seminars, and association meetings is vital to an app's success. Learn how to use public relations to enhance public awareness and solicit groups and non-profits to introduce your app to their membership. These activities produce loyal users with significant app usage.
Sponsorship Opportunities
and Affiliate Outreach

Get more bang for your buck by leveraging your acquisition budget. Our marketing experts continually look for branded sponsorship opportunities and will work with you to develop a targeted affiliate outreach campaign. When done properly, this will result in a large volume of installs, with a highly responsive user base — at the lowest possible cost.
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Every one of our clients receives a complimentary copy of our highly-acclaimed "Developers Guide to App Marketing". This insider's guide will put you on the Fast Track to app promotions and show you everything you need to know to get your attorney app placed properly on the iPhone App Store and Android Marketplace.

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