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Discover How Personal Injury Firms Are Using Mobile App Technology To Attract Clients & Ramp Up Their Revenues ...By Focusing On "Winnable" Cases!

We researched over 75 attorney apps, conducted surveys, performed marketing tests, polled legal marketing gurus for their opinions, and talked to firms who had launched their own iPhone and smartphone apps.

We found big PI firms that were doing it...
and solo practice attorneys who had an app.

What are the insights we learned?

Our white paper reveals the important discoveries our research uncovered. It will show you exactly how individual attorneys and large Personal Injury law firms are using mobile apps, and it will help you evaluate whether an app is right for your firm.

You will learn:
  • How mobile apps help win more cases and get more money for your clients
  • Which attorneys have developed mobile apps and how they benefit the firm
  • How mobile apps create client loyalty and generate more client referrals
  • How to get "first mover advantage" and achieve "top of mind" recognition
  • What 75% of attorneys are doing wrong and how you can be 10 times better
  • How an app can become a significant addition to your firm's marketing mix

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A mobile app is unique in its ability to be at the scene of an accident and provide documented proof of liability -- with photos and recorded witness testimony instantly emailed to your office.

Our report will outline an evergreen marketing system that continually delivers these "winnable" cases directly to your office each and every time a client or prospect is involved in an accident or injury incident.

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